San Antonio Public Speaker and Marketer Describes What Is Needed for a Successful and Powerful Online Shopping Cart

San Antonio, Texas, United States – WEBWIRE – Saturday, March 5, 2022

More and more people around the world are getting into Internet marketing and sales. The right sales and marketing tools are necessary for business success but sometimes can be tricky to find.

According to public speaker and Internet marketer Joe Libby, “For anyone selling products online, picking a shopping cart system is a very serious decision. It’s simply too important a decision to make without knowing the right questions to ask.”

Libby points out that many systems are frustrating to install and extremely difficult to use, which can result in lost sales. If a customer is sitting in front of the computer or tablet with an open wallet, it’s a bad idea to make it hard for them to buy.

Even those who have a lot of money invested in their shopping cart systems may not be making the sales they think they should. If that’s the case, says Libby, maybe it’s time to consider scrapping the old system in favor of a new less-expensive system that has vital sales tools built in.

As Libby points out, “Sticking with a complicated system just because you have lots of money invested makes no sense and will continue to hurt sales in the future. Why continue throwing good money after bad?”

Libby offers a free ebook, written by his friend and mentor Tom Antion, that explains everything an Internet marketing professional should look for in a reliable and powerful shopping cart system. It also includes information about the system that Libby, Antion and many other savvy marketers use. Anyone interested in a copy of the ebook can get it by clicking here.

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