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Your Massive Results Aren't Brain Surgery! Ask Joe Libby How He Knows.

With 40+ years  as a speaker, magician, ventriloquist, and actor, Joe Libby uses his expert knowledge of the secrets of magic and misdirection to educate, engage, and energize you and your colleagues for  ☛ ROCK-STAR RESULTS! ☚

On this site, you'll find complete information on Joe's public speaking and team-building seminars. But also be sure to grab your FREE Anti-Scam Report so that you can learn to detect and avoid some of the dirtiest online schemes around!

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About Joe Libby


International Public Speaker Joe Libby

Joe Libby is a public speaker, ventriloquist, comedy magician, and author. His clients include USAA, Catholic Life Insurance, Luling Watermelon Thump, and Half Price Books. He is the founder of CAUSES FOR LAUGHTER, which serves schools, churches, and nonprofits with motivational programs and no-risk funding solutions.