Paper-Folding Giveaways for Magicians by Sid Lorraine and Devin Knight: A Review

18-page ebook available at Price $9.95

An ebook cover for paper folding giveaways

Sid Lorraine was a very talented magician and commercial artist. He created several fun paper-folding stunts that could be used as marketing tools or even as an interlude during a show. (A modern application of this idea is Dick Stoner’s “A Grave Mistake.”)

Devin Knight got permission from Abbott’s Magic to rerelease some of these paper-folding ideas. Devin goes into detail about how to fold the items correctly and has includes directions and presentation ideas.

These are not magic tricks, but they are magical. They are natural to use as promotional giveaways since people will very likely show them to friends and family; this will get lots of eyeballs on your name and contact information. While these are geared toward magicians, I think they should be adaptable for other variety entertainers.

Here are brief videos demonstrating two of them.

There is a little learning curve to learn the correct way to fold these items, but once you know that, you can do the folding very quickly so the item is ready to present.

One potential drawback is that some may consider the artwork to be “old,” and I can see that. I guess comes down to personal preference, but I doubt laymen will care about that if they are amused by the outcome of the folding.

I’m usually a fan of Devin’s tricks and ideas, but I do have a criticism. Devin mentions jpeg files several times in the ebook, but there are no jpegs included. (Did he forget to supply them when he sent the ebook file? I don’t know.) As I said on the Lybrary site, for that reason, I must rate this ebook four stars instead of five.

That said, you should be able to convert PDF files to jpegs or pngs without much problem. If you don’t have software that can do it, do an online search for “pdf to jpeg converter.” You’ll find several options. Then you can import the image into your graphics software and print it out. If you get stuck trying to do this, send me a voicemail with the Speakpipe widget, and I’ll try to help you.

The ebook is 18 pages long and includes the PDF images that you need. Most entertainers ought to be able to find and least one folding item they can use. If you’re a kid show performer, then What! No Rabbit? should be a big hit with the kiddos. Grab your copy here at By the way, that is an affiliate link. I may make a small commission if you make a purchase through that link. I might even make enough to buy tacos on Taco Tuesday! Ha ha!