The Secret Edge for Children’s Entertainers: A Review

Fourteen-page ebook available at Price $4.00

Magicians and mentalists know that Devin Knight is a creative performer and inventor of magic effects. He has also written several ebooks that reveal very important ideas for marketing shows, especially family shows.

Devin Knight's ebook The Secret Edge for Children's Entertainers

In The Secret Edge for Children’s Entertainers, Devin explains just what the edge is, why it is important, and how entertainers can utilize it to book shows, even when they are more expensive than the competition. Any magician, ventriloquist, clown, juggler, balloon artist, or other entertainer who works with kids will find this information useful.

Even though his focus in the ebook is on kid-show performers, this edge will also be valuable in other markets. I can easily imagine a time in the near future when having this edge will be necessary to get booked for any gig.

If you are only interested in learning new tricks, then this ebook is not for you. But if you consider yourself a professional entertainer at any level, I strongly recommend that you read this ebook and then act on the information it contains.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that this could be the most important ebook any kid-show and family entertainer reads. It is about marketing, but it’s also about being a responsible business owner.

The Secret Edge for Children’s Entertainers is only 14 pages long, but it’s priced way too cheap at only $4.00. I guess Devin priced it so reasonably to help get the information out there. You can read the ebook in about half an hour or so, but the information could be vitally important to your business success. This ebook is highly recommended for professional entertainers. Grab your copy here at By the way, that is an affiliate link. I may make a small commission if you make a purchase through that link.