Who Else Wants the Benefits of Performing Easy Magic Tricks?

The art of magic has been really good to me over the years.

I’ve used it to entertain people onstage, in closeup situations, even on video and in Zoom sessions! The laughter and surprised reactions from the audience really make my day.

I’ve made good money performing magic too. This includes performing for organizations such as USAA, Luling Watermelon Thump, Comanche Pow Wow, Catholic Life Insurance, Texas Association of Magicians, and NatureSweet.

Performing magic was even a big help to me as a speaker at the TOTAL SUCCESS SUMMIT in Sydney, Australia, where I had the privilege of sharing the platform with Arnold Schwarzenegger!

easy magic tricks

Magic Is More Than Just Entertainment

I also made use of magic tricks after I had brain surgery. (No, I am not joking!) During my recovery, I practiced my magic to successfully rebuild the strength and coordination in my hands.

But even for those who don’t perform professionally, there are so many benefits to performing magic. Increased confidence, improved hand-eye coordination, and enhanced critical thinking skills are just a few.

You can even judiciously use a couple of easy magic tricks to make a good impression on that certain someone you would like to date!

And performing magic doesn’t have to be expensive, either. You can perform some mind-boggling tricks and laughter-producing stunts with things you have around the house. What if you could:

  • Lift three matches with only one more match?
  • Have a cross made of 4 matches, move just one match, and make a square?
  • Make the water in a dish rise up into an upturned soda bottle?

Those stunts and icebreakers would get the attention of your family and friends, wouldn’t they? But how about adding some startling magic to the mix? What if you could:

  • Light a candle without touching a flame to the wick?
  • Mysteriously cause a lit match to extinguish itself?
  • Vanish a match in your fist?

Most of these tricks and stunts can be performed with things you probably have around the house. And any items you don’t have are easily obtainable. With just a little preparation and practice, you can have your friends and family laughing and clapping in no time.

It’s Easy to Begin Learning Magic

Would you like to be the center of attention?

Are your ready for the smiles and laughter you’ll be creating?

Wouldn’t it be great to create more fun and more excitement than you ever thought possible?

Well, my new multimedia ebook, HOT MAGIC, is chock-a-block full of terrific, easy magic tricks, stunts, and icebreakers that will help make you the life of the party. Many of these are forgotten classics that almost nobody performs anymore.

Just learn a few of the tricks from this book by reading the instructions and watching the video tutorials, practice a little, and soon you’ll be entertaining people with something they probably have never seen before. Plus, you’ll stand out from other magicians performing the same coin and card tricks as everyone else.

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