Do you love to entertain? Are you looking for a trick that isn’t being done by every other magician on the planet? Well then, keep reading, because—

If You Want to Perform Startling Magic but Have Almost Given Up . . . Heres Hope!

Dear Friend:

In a little while, I’m going to tell you the #1 secret for success in magic that too many people ignore. But before I do, let me

ask you . . .

Do you love the thrill of performing a magic trick in front of amazed friends and family? Are you working on your skills so you can perform more smoothly or just wanting to know how to get started in the first place?

Maybe you are looking for a way to get someone special to notice you.

Magicians have a long history of captivating and amazing audiences. So if you love to entertain, you too can learn tricks and stunts that turn everyday objects into attention-grabbing performances!

“Who Else Wants to Perform a Trick Good Enough for David Copperfield to Present on CNN?”

When I saw David Copperfield perform this trick, I was blown away. But it’s quite easy to do.

Now, you are going to need the magic prop in order to perform the tricks in this book. It looks like a coaster, similar to the one David used on CNN. Maybe you already have one sitting in your magic drawer.  

If you don’t, not to worry! In my new multimedia ebook, I’ll tell you THE best place to get it. It’s very affordable; not only that, this magic dealer ships worldwide too!

Perform Easy but Amazing Magic with the Best Trick You’ve (Probably) Never Heard Of!

Who would have thought a little pitch trick could be so versatile? The tricks in this book will boggle the mind and create squeals of delight.

Once you've learned some of these effects, they should inspire you to come up with new and unique tricks that will surprise and delight your audience!

Need an extra push? Well, for less than the cost of a deluxe pizza delivered to your front door, you can have at some fun and easy effects at your fingertips that will be fresh to your audiences because your fellow magicians probably aren’t doing them.

Presenting PANEL BOARD COIN MAGIC: Easy Magic with the Best Coin Trick You’ve NEVER Seen!

An ebook in a tablet

Here are just a few reasons you will want to buy this right now:

  • This is an instantly downloadable ebook . . . You’ll start learning right away.
  • The instructions are complete and illustrated . . . You’ll learn these tricks easily and quickly.
  • These tricks are amazing and fun . . . You’ll be the hit of your next live or online event!
  • These aren't the same old tricks everyone else does . . . You will have people riveted by what you are doing!
  • There are several video tutorials . . . You will be able to watch and learn!

But that’s not all. You’ll also get some

Awesome Bonuses When You BUY TODAY!

Bonus #1: A 30-minute consultation to discuss any problems you are having with the tricks in this ebook, or anything else concerning your magic performances. I regularly charge $300 an hour for consulting and mentoring, so this is easily (a $150 value).

Bonus #2: Lifetime access to my Build Your Own Card Trick Video Course (a $27 value).

Bonus #3: A Shout Out for you and your business on all my social media accounts (worth at least $50 as free promotion).

These bonuses alone make your purchase a no-brainer!

Questions and Answers

Q:   Is this an easy coin magic trick?
A:   It's not self-working, but it's very easy. You'll need to practice a bit to get the knack for handling the panel board, but it isn't difficult.

Q:   What are some cool coin tricks with the panel board that will impress my friends?
A:   Just using the panel board for a coin vanish could get you some great reactions. Check out this short video:

Q:   Are there benefits to learning coin magic with the panel board?
A:   You bet! You'll gain confidence, improve your presentation skills, and increase your hand-eye coordination. And you'll have big fun too!

How I Helped a Friend Delight Her Audience

I was once asked to lend a hand on a production of NUNSENSE. My friend Mary was playing Sister Mary Amnesia, who is a budding ventriloquist, complete with a puppet named Sister Mary Annette. I was asked to give Mary some pointers on ventriloquism and handling the puppet.

I worked with Mary, but I pointed out to her that, in her case, it was more important that Sister Mary Annette’s one liners be clearly understood and less important if the audience saw her lips move a little. Besides, Sister Mary Amnesia is an amateur, so she does not have to be technically great.

Mary did the work and created a great character for Sister Mary Annette. On opening night, she had the audience rolling in the aisles, and nobody cared that she wasn’t a great ventriloquist. She entertained the audience, which was the most important thing.

I can do the same for you!

Look, I can personally teach you how to do all the effects in this ebook in private sessions on Zoom if you are willing to pay me $300 an hour. And you would have to be available on my schedule.

Or, you can pay just $27 for this ebook, have all the information at your fingertips instantly, learn at your own pace, and get the bonuses I mentioned too.

Don’t Wait Another Moment! Amaze Your Family and Friends Now!

Top Five Reasons You Should Get This Ebook

5. You’ll learn effects that aren’t the same old tricks everyone else is doing.
4. You’ll be inspired to create your own routines for the panel board.
3. How many times do you plan to reread The Discoverie of Witchcraft anyway?
2. You may get the attention of that someone special.
. . . and the Number 1 reason you should get this ebook:
1. You’ll learn easy magic that will leave people astonished and laughing!

Remember my actor friend Mary? She was willing to put in the practice to make that puppet come alive and turn it into another character in the show.

So don’t just read the instructions once and try the trick out on your friends; that’s a recipe for disaster. Put in a little bit of work to practice making these tricks look good, and you’ll always be ready to create a magic moment for your friends and family. THAT is the #1 secret to success as a magician (AND as a ventriloquist, for that matter).

Are you prepared for the all the applause and pats on the back? Then download PANEL BOARD COIN MAGIC right now! And remember that you are covered by my . . .


100% No-Questions-Asked 

Money-Back Guarantee

This book is filled with so much value you are GUARANTEED to appreciate the information or get a FULL REFUND—no questions asked!

Try out the ebook for 60 days. If you're not completely satisfied, email me and I'll send you a full refund. You have absolutely NOTHING to lose. ALL THE RISK IS ON ME!

A book appearing from a top hat

Just think about everything you’re getting . . .

  • An illustrated ebook of startling magic tricks that few, if any, people are doing!
  • Illustrations and video tutorials to help make your learning easy!
  • A 30-minute consultation!
  • Lifetime access to my BUILD YOUR OWN CARD TRICK course.
  • A social media shout-out!
  • My no-questions-asked 60-day money-back GUARANTEE!
  • All for ONLY $27!

Download your personal copy of PANEL BOARD COIN MAGIC and start applying this fun and magical knowledge TODAY!

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P.S. Remember, you have 60 days to try out the material in this book. If you’re not completely satisfied, just let me know and I’ll give you a 100% refund. And you can keep all the bonuses! You have NOTHING to lose!

P.P.S. Honestly, I really don’t know how long I can keep the price of this ebook at just $27. I feel like that’s practically giving it away. At some point, I will probably increase the price to at least $47. For everything you get, that would still be a really good deal. But if you want to a super deal right now, buy PANEL BOARD COIN MAGIC right away for only $27 before I change my mind!

P.P.P.S. Finally, in case you overlooked it before, here is the “Learn Easy Magic Now!” button one more time. Ha ha!

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