Ten Tips to Avoid Getting Conned: Part 2

Here are some more tips to keep in mind to help you avoid getting conned or scammed. Click here to read Part 1.

5. Don’t Let Greed Overcome Your Common Sense: Some cons involve the mark putting up money (maybe several thousand dollars) in return for a massive payoff. What’s amazing is that the some of these cons are so outlandish, you can’t believe people fall for them . . . but they do! I don’t have to tell you that “if it sounds too good to be true,” do I? Oh, and that new acquaintance of yours who tries to convince you that you should put your money in because it sounds like a great deal? Reread my second tip in this article.

6. Don’t Pay Up just because Someone Tells You to: Some scammers use different ploys to try to pressure you into paying large sums of money by threatening lawsuits or arrests. Don’t pay them a penny just because they tell you that you have to! These are scams designed to scare you into paying them off. Sometimes they do this with authentic-looking letters, e-mails, or phone calls, which brings me to my next tip.

7. Anything Can Be Faked . . . Anything: Thanks to the advances in digital technology, it is possible to create a really convincing fake of nearly anything you can think of. So the next time you see an online offer that includes a Paypal screenshot with dozens of deposits for $97, remember that it could be legitimate, but it could be fake. Do your due diligence before responding to an offer. The recent IRS phone scams were rather crude, but people fell for them and paid the scammers because they were convinced they would go to jail otherwise. A fake does not have to be perfect to work on a mark.

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There are a few more tips to come. To be continued . . .

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