Magic Review: TELEVISION PUPPET MAGIC by Ian Adair

A Supreme Magic Publication. Hardcover. 136 pages.

I'm a ventriloquist, so I've always loved puppets. I was very happy when I came across the book I'm recommending here.

TELEVISION PUPPET MAGIC by Ian Adair is a very entertaining book that is full of clever ideas for routines combining puppetry and magic. Many of these were originally presented on TV, but they can be easily performed in your stage and stand-up shows.  You don't have to be a ventriloquist to use a puppet in your magic show. But with a little thought, several of the routines in the book can be adapted as ventriloquist routines.

Besides Ian Adair, there are contributions in the book from Billy McComb, Tommy Cooper, Ken de Courcy, Percy Press (the king of the Punch and Judy men), and many other professional performers.

This is highly recommended for magicians wanting to add some puppetry to their show, or for puppeteers wanting to add a little magic to their show. The book appears to have gone out of print recently, but copies are available as of this writing. So don't dilly-dally in getting your copy while you still can!

Click here to purchase your copy from MJM Magic.

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