Punch & Judy, Puppet, and Ventriloquism Resources

I'm a ventriloquist and puppeteer, so I've always loved Punch and Judy and puppets in general. Here are some resources I have found very valuable. Hope they help you too. All but the first are affiliate links. I may earn a commission if you purchase through these links. But these are all highly reputable dealers.

First is a freebie! You can download an ebook of the classic The Tragical Comedy or Comical Tragedy of Punch and Judy by John Collier. 

Click here to get it. It's not a secure web address (http, not https) but I have not had any problems at that page.

Next is Sydney de Hempsey's very thorough How to Do Punch and Judy. This has lots of valuable advice and information from a pro on building and performing a Punch and Judy show. And it has additional details from Jay Marshall. (I had the pleasure of seeing Jay perform his hilarious Punch and Judy show at the Vent Haven Convention in the late 1980s.) 

Click here to buy the ebook from Lybrary.

In Professional Punch, Tony Green, one of the great Punch men, provides some wonderful ideas for making your Punch and Judy show different from everyone else's. Many of the ideas are not limited to Punch and Judy; they could be added to all kinds of puppet shows.
Click here to buy the ebook from Lybrary.
Click here to buy a hardcopy from MJM Magic. 

In Walk-About Ventriloquism, magician and ventriloquist Paul Romhany, gives you the inside scoop on a little-known market. If you have only done ventriloquism in a stand-up or stage setting, doing walk-around ventriloquism could become a lucrative new service you can offer. And there is no reason this couldn't be done with Punch and Judy or other puppets either.
Click here to buy the ebook from Lybrary.

This next one is wonderful! Television Puppet Magic by Ian Adair describes many routines that combine puppetry and magic. While many of these were originally presented on TV, they can be done in your regular shows. This is highly recommended for magicians wanting to add some puppetry to their show, or for puppeteers wanting to add a little magic to their show. The book is out of print, so don't dilly-dally in getting your copy!

Click here to purchase a hardcopy from MJM Magic.

A wide selection of puppets, stages, scripts and other resources are available at Puppets Inc. They don't have any Punch and Judy puppets, but they have other puppets that could be added to your Punch and Judy show to make it a little different. Click the banner to see what they have to offer!

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