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Flea Circus by Dave Arch

Available from Lybrary

Flea circuses are always popular with audiences. But mechanical flea circuses can be expensive. This very reasonably priced ebook describes an easy-to-transport flea circus that Dave Arch has been performing for several years.

What you get: The PDF is eight pages long, and it has detailed descriptions for several excellent effects that are all seemingly performed by a troupe of performing fleas. As a bonus, the beautifully designed cover of the ebook doubles as a poster to promote the flea circus! (That is the cover in the image above.) Just print it out and you're ready to go.

What you will need: If you perform this the way Dave does, there are a handful of props that you will need. You may have some of them already and if you don't, he provides links where you can purchase them online.

Skill level: This is not for complete beginners, but it should be within the reach of anyone with at least some magic knowledge. Like a ventriloquist act, much of the success of this routine will come from your acting ability and the ability to suspend the disbelief of your audience.

Points to consider:

  • The effects in this book can be done as standalone effects.
  • If you already have a flea circus, it should be easy to incorporate one or two of the effects in the book into your existing act.

Recommended for anyone interested in performing a flea circus. There are lots of clever ideas in this ebook.

FLEA CIRCUS is a PDF manuscript available for instant download at Lybrary.  You can visit the product page and buy FLEA CIRCUS now by Clicking Here.

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