Who Else Is a Frustrated Author?

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Struggling to Finish Your Book?

If you have been trying to write a book, sell it, make money, and get your message out, but keep running into roadblocks, then keep reading because I have some GOOD NEWS for you.

I call Tom Antion "one of the smart guys." He has been very, very successful at making a living online for several years. PDF and Kindle ebooks are just one of the money-making methods he uses.

He's getting ready to begin a new "Ebook Mastermind" class that teaches everything he knows about the business of ebooks. I took this mastermind in 2021, and it was an eye-opener. I learned a LOT about the real business of creating and marketing ebooks. By the way, this is the cover of the ebook I created during the masterclass. Pretty cool, huh? I'm very proud of it.

The sessions will be held on Zoom, and you'll get lots of personal attention. The good news is that the sessions will be recorded, so you can watch them as much as you like at your convenience. Visit Tom's site by clicking the link below to get all the details. 

But don't dilly-dally! Space for the masterclass is limited. I'm not kidding. Tom wants to keep the masterclass small and intimate. 



P.S. Tell you what. If you're serious about getting your book done, I want to help you, so I'll sweeten the deal. Sign up for the ebook masterclass through my affiliate link, then send me the email receipt so I can verify, and I'll gift you a couple of super-cool bonuses!

BONUS #1: a PDF ebook called Kindle Alchemy. It describes a different approach for making money on Kindle from what Tom does, but it's valuable information and will certainly give you some food for thought. (a $20.00 value)

Kindle Alchemy ebook

Bonus #2: a video course on using Canva. Tom uses Canva a lot for creating ebook covers. This course isn't long and drawn out, but it's chock full of great information and tips on using Canva for ebook covers, social media posts, and other graphics.  (a $20.00 value)

You can only get these bonuses through me, so what are you waiting for? CLICK HERE to sign up for Tom Antion's ebook masterclass. You won't be sorry.

(Important note: Yes, these are affiliate links. I may get a commission if you sign up for Tom's mastermind through that link. Who knows? I might even be able to buy tacos on Taco Tuesday! Ha ha!)

By the way, if you have a question about this or anything else, use the microphone widget to send me a voicemail message. I'll get back to you as soon as possible, if not sooner!

Get your ebook done FAST! Tom Antion's ebook mastermind begins June 27, 2022!

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