Let Joe Guide You to Performing, Presentation Skills, or Event-Planning Success

Are you at a crossroads? Feeling stuck? Let Joe Libby help you get real results!

Joe has helped dozens of small businesses kick their performance or event-planning efforts into gear. He has also saved enormous amounts of money for them by keeping them from making costly mistakes often recommended by supposed "experts" and relatives . . . . who never made a nickel as a performer or a speaker.

Consultation sessions are normally done over Zoom or on the phone. Your consulting time will also include any necessary research.

After ordering your session, send Joe an email at success@JoeLibbySeminars.com outlining specifically what you want to accomplish and at what level you feel you are (beginner, intermediate, or advanced). Also, send him links to any online information you want him to review before your session. Joe will contact you most likely within 24 to 36 hours.

Sessions are usually 30 to 60 minutes in length. (Your hour can be broken into two sessions.)

Click here to book a one-hour consultation for only $300.

On-site consulting is available at a rate of $3,000.00 per day plus expenses. Email for availability.
(All rates are quoted and payable in U.S. dollars).

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