Equifax Is Running a High-Tech Swindle

data-breachEquifax and its executives have proven themselves to be incompetent and corrupt. And they are trying to swindle us all now.

They want you to take a year of credit monitoring in exchange for waiving your rights to legal action. Oh, sure, now they are saying you won’t be waiving your rights. But why would you believe them? The executives delayed announcing the breach until they could sell their stock in the company. That’s insider trading; people go to jail for that. Believe me, when push comes to shove, they will attempt to parse that statement so they can claim it doesn’t say what it says. You can bet the lawyers for Equifax are working overtime on that.

And why would you take their worthless credit monitoring anyway? They couldn’t detect a data breach that was happening under their own noses for months. And then they waited over another month before announcing it so the executives could pocket their ill-gotten gains!

Do you feel like you’re being hustled yet?

Don’t take the bait! You need to be proactive about monitoring and guarding your credit score. This could affect your ability to buy a car. It could affect your ability to buy a house. As we all now know, third parties can’t be depended upon.

I also recommend reading Neil Stevens’s editorial.

What do you think? What should happen to Equifax?